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36 magnificent walks and full week of hiking in 6 of the most beautiful Natural Parks in southern Spain.

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Trekking the GR7 in Andalucia

Trekking the GR7 in AndaluciaGuide to the Andalucian section of the GR7 trail in Spain, 1225km from Tarifa to Puebla de Don Fadrique.

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Walking Book Updates

A. Walking in Andalucía Edition 7

Grazalema Area

The Walk of the Griffon Vultures

Page 126 Paragraph 1 after waypoint 3: replace existing paragraph with the one below and replace waypoint 4 and 5 with these ones:

waypoint 4 30 S 285222 4080672
waypoint 5 30 S 285038 4080357

Revised section of this walk:

Here turn left and follow the road along for approx. 500m where, after bearing sharply right then left, it descends, crosses the Bocaleones stream and passes a picnic area. Here, just before reaching a white building, cut left (4) away from the road along the edge of slightly overgrown footpath that follows a water channel. Continue past a concrete pylon with the Bocaleones to your left. Reaching a small sluice gate cross the channel and, bearing left, continue parallel to the Bocaleones. Look for yellow waymarking dots and stripes. Reaching a junction take the lower of two paths which soon merges with a track that runs down towards a stand of eucalyptus and the stream. Don't cross the stream but rather continue along the bottom of an olive grove, parallel to the stream's right bank. Reaching a second stand of eucalyptus angle left along a narrow path that cuts through through a thick stand of bramble, marked by cairns. The path shortly merges with a steep track that runs down from your right. Maintain your course along this track for 70m then cut right away from the stream at a cairn and waymarking stripes. (5) Climbing up the right bank of a stream after 80m you reach a fence. Here cut right, then after a couple of metres left to pick up a dirt farm track that runs steeply uphill between two fences. The track levels at which point its surface becomes gravelled. Ignore 3 turnings, which cut left into the olives, but rather stick to the main track, maintaining roughly your same course (westerly). Reaching a flimsy wire-and-post gate, which is often left open, the gravelled surface ends. Beyond this gate maintain your same course down along the left edge of a ploughed field to reach the tarmac road. (6)

The Walk of the Goatherd's Leap: IMPORTANT UPDATE - route temporarily not accessible!

Page 109 At present access to this route has been blocked by the owner of the farm just beyond the Boyar pass due to a dispute with the local town hall, It is hoped that this will soon change.

An alternative route can be followed from the Grazalema campsite via the Cortijo del Dornajo down to Benaocaz. If you would like a brief description of this route please use the contact form on this website. I also have GPX files for the walk.

The Alpujarras

The Walk of San Antonio's Spring

Page 244 Top paragraph: after the phrase 'as it continues to loop steeply upwards' add 'passing just right of a smaller stone ruin'

Note too that the path up from the bridge at waypoint 4 is now waymarked with small green paint splashes. The path has become more overgrown for about 150m shortly after waypoint 7 so expect to have to stoop beneath invading brambles (I partially cut these back in May 2012. You might be happy to have slipped a pair of secateurs into your daypack at this point. Any cutting back will help keep the path clear for other walkers...).

B. The Coast to Coast Walk

Day 1 Maro to Frigiliana
Page 30
There's a new footbridge in Maro that crosses the motorway which means that you can avoid a couple of hundred metres of tarmac.
So the second paragraph should now read:

Š....  junction opposite bar La Entrada.

Here head straight on, passing right of Bar La Entrada, along Calle Virgen de las Maravillas. Where the street cuts right head straight on and cross the footbridge over the N340 motorway then follow a footpath which angles right before running up to reach the car park of the Cueva de Nerja. Exit
the gate then turn immediately right (waypoint 4) past a sign for Area
Recreativa El Pinarillo and a map of Š.

Šthen continue as per present text.

DAY 2 Frigiliana to Cómpeta

Page 42, paragraph 2
There's been a change to the ending of the walk following the forest fire of 2015. Arriving at Puerto Collado, you can no longer cut off a large loop in the track. This is the best alternative now:

Arriving at Puerto Collado continue straight on past the picnic area. After descending through an area affected by  a recent forest fire the track loops hard round to the right and shortly you pass above a stone-built house before passing a point where the hillside has been quarried in the past (waypoint 21, 3 hrs).

Day 03 Competa to Sedella:

Revised Ending!!

On page 46 where I mention passing house no.2 where a sign warns Cuidado con el Gato it should read house no 42.

And the text beneath describes a better finish to the Day 3 walk. This change has been made possible after the clearing of a very overgrown path. The path is also now marked with G.R. red and white marker posts.

The change begins at waypoint 19 on page 50 of the guide.

Please replace the last two paragraphs of text with the following:

'The track continues its descent, shortly passing above a goat farm (19) where you'll be greeted by barking dogs. 50m beyond the farm cut right at a G.R. marker post along a track which angles up and away from the one you've been following. After 250m you pass a house with a round tower. As you climb on up Sedella comes into view. Shortly you reach a fork (20). Here bear right then after just 150m cut left off the track at a marker post and angle down to pick up a narrow path which runs upwards, parallel to a concrete water channel.

After climbing more steeply the path and channel level as you approach a group of pine trees. Just before the pines cut left away from the channel, cross a stream bed, then climb up the hillside to the top of the ridge where you reach another marker post (21). Continue straight ahead. Down to your left you'll now spot a ruined farm building: you'll later be passing just a few metres from this building. It is possible to cut left down to the farm but it's easier, if longer, to follow a clearer path which contours round the bowl of the valley, crosses a (dry) stream then climbs to the top of the ridge and another G.R. post (22).

Here bear left along the ridge to a flat grassy area then angle right and continue along the ridge top for about 100m to another G.R. marker post. Here cut hard left down a deeply eroded path to the building that you could see earlier (23). Pass behind the farm then head to the southern end of the terraces which lie just beneath it to reach a large cairn. Here, bearing right, you pick up a narrow path which runs down towards Sedella. Passing a small stone ruin it arcs right then, descends more steeply, loose and eroded, so care should be taken. Following the most obvious path and looking out for white paint splashes on the rocks, you reach the floor of the valley where you cross a pretty Roman bridge (24).

Beyond the bridge bear left and follow the track up to the village. As you reach the village the track becomes concreted. Passing beneath a goat farm you soon reach a sign 'Puente Romana 806m'. Here cut up right past house number 17, then take the next left to reach house number 4. Here bear right then left and continue on past the 'Ayuntamiento' to reach the main square of the village (25). (3 hrs 35 mins).

New G.P.S. waypoints for last section:

20 30 S 408944 4080484
21 30 S 408919 4080885
22 30 S 408701 4081182
23 30 S 408640 4081036
24 30 S 408292 408096

Day 17 Jimena de la Frontera to Castillo de Castellar

Following the heavy rains of the winter of 2010 the wooden footbridge at waypoint 11 of the Day 17 walk has suffered some damage. New waymarking has also been added on this section of the walk.

C. Coastal Walks in Andalucía

No changes to report as yet....

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